Our Mission

“We are a Christian fellowship assisting and supporting mature adults living out their spiritual faith, being made whole by the Word of God in loving community.”

Where we’re coming from….

In the 1960s H.N. Berger, the original Oakmont developer, included a “party house” in his planning – now the Berger Center where we gather. As a follower of Christ, Berger stipulated that a congregation should always retain the privilege of meeting there. In those years church life was seen as an integral part of the community Berger envisioned. The church that began in those years has gone through many changes since that time.

Today we are…

The ‘GI Generation’, the ‘Baby-Boomers’, the ‘Mature Silents’ and even some from ‘Generation X’;

Mature individuals gathering to celebrate our Christ-centered worship alongside those exploring faith from multi-faceted backgrounds;

A friendly bunch of folks delighted to get up and greet each other, to share meals after church, to pray together, laugh together and sometimes cry together;

People who enjoy a varied, non-traditional worship setting with instrumental as well as choral, jazz, celtic, blue grass gospel and other styles of music and singing followed by an eclectic mix of messages from men and women who share varied inspirational, and often challenging, perspectives from the Word of God;

Seekers of the best paths for the rest of our lives individually and corporately.

We’re becoming…

Experts at second half of life spirituality by means of a creative, accessible structure supporting the needs of an aging congregation;

Supportive of those seeking to find fulfillment of dreams and talents in retirement while concurrently dealing with varying levels of loss;

Companions of those in the final stages of their lives;

Mature followers of Jesus.